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NAME: H series

Our HID ballasts feature German hardware from Siemens and World class fitting.Each HID ballast is individually tested.

 Battery voltage : about 9V~32V
 Input current :  3.4A
 Output Power  : 35W
 Light lumen  : 3200 lumens (4200K Lamp)
 Life :  3000 hrs
(1) Both DC-12V& 24V vehicle use
(2) Waterproof: Accord with DIN 40050 Standard
(3) Arc disconnection: no disturb and damage to the bulb when jolting or changing the light
(4) Dustproof: Accord with SAE J575 Standard
(5) low ignition current: ignition current can reach as low as 4.5A ,the lowest of the same products, to avoid the damage of the high ignition current to the bulb
(6) quick cooling down of the heated bulbs: avoid the aging and damaging of the bulbs due to the light transformation 

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