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NAME: A series

    Input voltage extension DC 9~16V/9-32V
    Standard working voltage DC 13.2V
    Standard input current 3.2A
    Input current in Max 5.5 A
    Output power 35 W
    Working.temperature extension -40~ +85
    1 slow start with no inrush current, extend the bulb life two times.
    2 starting current of the cold bulb less than 6A.
    3 starting power of the warm bulb less than 35w.
    4 starting power of the cold bulb less than 55w.
    5 in the case of vibration,the power change less than 3w (others are 17w)
    6 rated power is very stable
    7 after the bulb aging, the bulb still lights up even if the bulb voltage drops to 150v, others wont light up when the bulb voltage drop to 123v.
    8 output frequency is 370HZ, reducing the electromagnetic radicalization


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