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NAME: B series

Our HID ballasts feature German hardware from Siemens and World class fitting.Each HID ballast is individually tested.
  • Input Voltage:9V£­16V
  • Normal Voltage:13.5V
  • Normal Current:3.2A
  • Max. Input Current: 9A
  • Operating Temperature:-40¡ãC£­105¡ãC
  • Output Power:35W / 50W
  • Output AC Frequency£º250Hz
  • Start Time£º2-3s
  • Start Voltage£º20£­25Kv
  • Dimension : 86 x 73 x 30 mm (Chord Length = 40 cm)

    HID Ballast Performance

    • Waterproof: Accord with DIN 40050 Standard
    • Dustproof: Accord with SAE J575 Standard
    • Shockproof: Accord with DIN 40046 Standard
    • Protect function:
      1. Reverse voltage protection: No damage against ballasts and bulbs will be caused by reverse connection.
      2. Protection of Short Circuit: Lock protection against continuous or long-time short circuit.
      3. Protection of Open circuit: Lock protection in 0.7s after Open circuit.

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