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NAME: H4H/L full kit
2.high quality and competitive price
3.low defective rate:<1%



Features of HID lamp:

Xenon types:One claw,two claw,three claw,H4 H/L, H1, H3, H7, H6...and so on

1) Output wattage(W): 25W/35W
2) Start voltage (V): 23KV
3) Color temperature(K): 3000K; 4300K; 5000K; 6000K; 8000K; 10000K; 12000K; 15000K; dark blue; purple; pink; green

4) Luminous (LM) flux: 3000 -/+ 200LM
5) Lifetime (H): Over 3000 Hours
6) Low power consumption,high safety
7) Short circuit protection,voltage output overload/low protection,over-temperature protection,
    thunder resistance
8) Passed earthquake test, waterproof test, true color test, rapid on off test, and a max light
    output test

9) Quality warranty:14months limited warranty,and replace all damaged items free of charge

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