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1. Triplicate lightness output: Its luminous flux is three times as that of the Halogen tungsten lamp. Generally, its lightness unit is ˇ°Lumenˇ±. ˇ°vsolidˇ± HID lamps luminous is up to 3600 Lumen, but the Halogen tungsten lamps luminous is only 1000Lumen.

2. High color temperature : It can emit comfortable sunlight and various light of different color temperature. The Halogen tungsten lamp of 3000k look dark in night. There are different color temperature of ˇ°vsolidˇ± HID lamps, such as 4300k, 5000K , 6000K , 8000K , 10000K ,12000K and above. The light is very bright and visual field is clear, thus can decrease the traffic accident greatly.

3. Octuple lifetime : 3000 hr lifetime. When the tungsten filament heats up to 2900 degrees and works under the long-time high temperature and evaporates seriously, then several hundred hours later, it is burnt out. ˇ°vsolidˇ± xenon metal halide lamp is shined through the electronic excitation gas but not tungsten filament, so the lifetime is very long. Under the normal using, the lifetime of ˇ°vsolidˇ± xenon metal halide lamp is same as that of cars and it is necessary to replace the lamp all their life.

4. Saving 1/2 power consumption : 35w low power consumption. The power of the common vehicle using halogen headlamp is over 55/60w (H4), but the power of ˇ°vsolidˇ± xenon metal halide lamp matched ˇ°vsolidˇ± electronic ballast is 35w, and adding ballasts' wasting, the power is less that 40w. It is very important to save 20w power with increasing of various electrical equipments.

5. Meeting ECE98 requirements.

6. Complete Specification: Apply to all kinds of car, including all domestic saloon car, Europe car, American car, Japanese car and Motorcycle, bus etc.

7. Convenient installation: Only need hold the lamp to intrinsic lamp hole, then fix ballasts and meet the electrical source wire. No need any other modify to any parts.

8. Best quality with reasonable price.

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