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Installation Procedures

1. Wait for the engine cool down completely then install HID lighting system. Remove the joint, back cover to lamp lanterns and original halogen lamp from the car lanterns.

2. Take out the new HID lighting system from packing box, check every price of the system carefully, then install the lamps on the bases in the headlight lanterns.

3. Make sure the HID lamps are fixed in good condition in lanterns, it must prevent the deformation of HID lamp.

4. Drill a hole on the back cover of head lamp lanterns, the hole size is around 25mm just fit with waterproof ring which is used as wire feed through.

5. Connect the input terminal (12V DC) of the ballast to the power supply terminal of headlamp lanterns, and connect the output terminal of the ballast with the connector of the lamp.

6. Check all the installation procedures, make sure that the connection of electricity polar is correct, then start the engine of vehicle, then turn on the lamp.

7. Check the profile, height and distance of photo beam and adjust them to meet with the requirements of traffic regulations.

Notice of Installation

1. It is mentioned in the installation procedures 3 that it is necessary to chick every parts carefully before installing the HID lamp in lanterns of the headlight. Sometimes need to remove the headlight lanterns from the car first, and then reinstall it back after install the lamp inside lanterns. Please carefully to avoid scratch or damage the lamp.

2. Stick the ballast on the proper place with a double-side stick tape, then fix it with 2 nylon ribbons.

3. Do not turn on the power of the light system during installation, so as to prevent personal injury by electric shock from ballast.

4. After installation, if necessary to check and adjust the illumination angle of the lamp to avoid glares.

5. If it is difficult to insert the lamp into the lanterns, check the inside of lanterns and move any obstacle away from it never damage the lamp.

6. If the lamp do not burn but with discharge glow, please check if the wires of the lamp is too close to other objects, move and separate them please.

7. Make sure the positive and negative connection is correct, all wires must be fixed without being pressed, folded, suspended or swaying.

8. Before you turn on the lighting system, make sure that the power of the vehicle battery is innormal scope, otherwise the lamp may flash, poor illumination effect, headlight stop to work, even shorten the lifetime both of the lamp and ballast.

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